Why ESPN has no interest in bidding on the 2018 Super Bowl market

ESPN has reportedly turned down bids from several prospective buyers of the Super Bowl in 2018.

The network has been a frequent target of online bidders in recent years, but the latest reports from the Financial Times suggest the network is now wary of any bid that is too high or too small.

The Financial Times cites two sources who said that ESPN has been approached by a “significant number of buyers” and that the broadcaster has been “very cautious” about accepting any bid for the 2018 game, which would likely result in a $100 million price tag.

ESPN has a history of biddings that were not always successful, but this would be a major departure for the network, which has traditionally been viewed as a bastion of sports fans.

The most recent bid by the network to buy the 2018 national championship game was reportedly $50 million in 2015.

That bid was not successful, as ESPN went on to win the game and become a multi-billion-dollar broadcaster.

ESPN and its parent company Disney have been on a buying spree over the past few years, with the latest bid reportedly valued at more than $1 billion.