How the Philippines’ first ’emergency’ fund helped save Southwest travel fund

AUSTRALIA’s first travel fund was created to help the Philippines fight its worst Ebola outbreak.

The fund, which was created by the country’s Health Ministry in late November and was activated on November 23, is helping thousands of travellers to stay safe while they are overseas.

It will also provide assistance to travellers who can’t afford to travel to the country due to travel restrictions.

The $100 million fund is one of the first such funds set up to help those affected by the pandemic.

In its first few months of operation, the fund has helped save up to 300,000 lives.

The Philippines has reported more than 8,600 deaths from the virus so far.

More:More:The fund is administered by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which manages the health of people living abroad.

It can be used to help fund emergency services, including those who are travelling to the Philippines to care for the sick.

The health ministry said the fund had helped save thousands of lives and that it had a high response rate.

“The fund has a high level of response.

In the first five days of the fund, we have registered over 9,000 cases,” Health Minister Carlos Dominguez told a press conference in Davao City.”

We have also identified the most critical situations that are currently at risk,” he said.

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