New York City’s Accident Fund Is a $6.5 Billion Funder for New York’s Capital Good

New York is trying to raise $5 billion to fund its capital good fund.

The fund was established to help low-income people pay for personal emergencies, and it’s expected to have about $2.3 billion in assets by the end of this year.

The Fund has the blessing of the city’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, and the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo.

The governor also recently signed legislation to allow the fund to raise more capital, and New York will be one of three states to use it.

Cuomo said he thinks the fund is a great thing for New Yorkers.

“We have a lot of challenges in this city, and we need all the help we can get,” he said at a recent press conference.

“So, I’m excited to see how it all comes together.”

Capital Good is a New York-based nonprofit, and its mission is to provide a safety net for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers through the creation of an emergency fund to help pay for basic needs like rent, groceries and utility bills.

Cuomo is one of several governors who have signed legislation that allows the Fund to raise money, and he praised the state for taking the necessary steps to establish the Fund.

“New York’s capital good is the largest, most comprehensive fund in the nation, and now the state is poised to become the largest fund for the purpose,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“Our state’s capital fair, like the Capital Good Fund in Texas, will bring $6 billion to the city of New York, making it the most generous city in the country.”

Capital good is one fund for which the city is the biggest donor.

The city’s Capital Fund, which the New York Times reported was one of the biggest fund-raising events of the year, raised $635 million in 2016.

The Capital Good fund has raised more than $1.2 billion.

The New York Fund, as it’s called, has also raised $1 billion in the past two years, but Cuomo said the fund’s financial success was partly due to its flexibility and the flexibility of the state.

“The Fund is available to all New Yorkers, regardless of income or where they live,” Cuomo added.

“It is also available to people who are not eligible for capital gains or dividend income.”

Capital goods The Fund’s mission is similar to the one outlined by the state, and some of the Fund’s projects include building the Capital Goods Store, which would be a $4 billion retail store that would include a grocery store, a convenience store and other retailers.

The store would also serve low-cost housing and food services, and would also be an economic development tool, the New Yorker reported.

Capital goods stores have been built in Chicago, Boston and Seattle, and are also in operation in Chicago.