Franklin Income Fund: The $8 Billion Fund That Doesn’t Make Money

“I think there are two main problems with the Franklin income program,” he said.

“The other problem is the fact that we can’t really see how it’s going to make a difference.” “

The Franklin income program is a $8 billion trust that invests in a variety of sectors, including oil, gas and real estate, among other things. “

The other problem is the fact that we can’t really see how it’s going to make a difference.”

The Franklin income program is a $8 billion trust that invests in a variety of sectors, including oil, gas and real estate, among other things.

But its primary goal is to invest in companies that are in the “high-growth areas” of the economy.

The program has raised more than $3 billion in revenue since inception, but the vast majority of the money has been in the hands of corporations that are struggling in the real estate and oil markets.

“Franklin has been very successful,” said David Shultz, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington, D.C., think tank.

“It’s very well-managed.

It’s very managed for the private sector, but it has been managed well for the public sector.

It is a very high-yield investment, a high-cost investment.”

In addition to investing in businesses that are “very high-growth,” the fund has also invested in companies in the emerging economies of China and India.

While the fund does not disclose the amount it has spent on its investments, it has reportedly paid out $4 billion.

The fund is the subject of a lawsuit brought by several New York state lawmakers last year.

“They wanted to sue us,” said Shultz.

“I don’t think that the fund will be able to go forward without a substantial, substantial financial commitment.”

The lawsuit, filed in November, seeks to invalidate the state’s income tax on $8.2 billion in taxable income.

But the plaintiffs argued that because the state has “never had a business tax of that size,” the money was actually taxed at the lower rate of 25% on income over $25,000.

As a result, the state could not use that money to reduce taxes.

Shultz said that is a problem for the fund because “we’re not really seeing the value of the investments being reinvested into other businesses.”

In other words, the fund is “making money by throwing money at businesses that can’t afford to invest that money,” he added.

But according to Shultz the fund “doesn’t make money,” and the fund’s only business is to “provide cash to private corporations.”

But the fund also has been criticized for investing in companies like Google and Apple that are investing in areas that are not conducive to jobs and economic growth.

According to the New York State Taxpayers Association, the Franklin program has been one of the fund�s largest beneficiaries.

The state has spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars in the fund over the past four years.

The agency estimates that the money is currently being used for investments in “small businesses, real estate projects, infrastructure projects and energy projects.”

The fund also “invested $5 billion in investments in large, publicly traded companies in 2014, a large increase from 2010,” according to the agency.

Shushultz said he has seen “more and more evidence” that Franklin is not investing in “real” businesses.

“You know, the thing that bothers me is that they have invested in large corporations and they are not really investing in smaller businesses,” Shultz told Business Insider.

And it’s the most disheartening to me.” “

That is the most disturbing thing.

And it’s the most disheartening to me.”

But, according to a spokesperson for Franklin, the company is focused on investing in the private sectors and the “low-growth industries” that the state is focusing on.

“We’re in the business of investing in low-growth businesses,” said the spokesperson.

“Our investments are focused on the real, long-term business opportunities that are out there in the world.”

In recent years, Franklin has also focused on investment in energy and natural resources.

In 2015, the Fund invested $2.6 billion in projects in the oil and gas industry.

The New York Times reported that in 2016, Franklin invested $3.5 billion on the energy sector, “the largest investment in the state in recent years.”

In a statement to Business Insider, Franklin said it “has long been a leader in the energy and mining sector” and that its investments “have generated substantial long-run economic benefits for New York.”

“Franklins investments in the petroleum industry, including projects in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, are well-known for generating substantial long run economic benefits,” the statement said.

In 2018, Franklin also announced a partnership with the New Jersey Oil & Gas Association to help fund oil and natural gas projects in their state