Malala Fund raises $25 million for Pakistan

Malala’s school, a charter school, opened last year in the northern Pakistani city of Peshawar, and is set to expand to other cities in the country.

Now she is hoping to raise $25m to support her school.

Malala’s fund will be split equally between the school, her charity, the Endowment Fund and a third group of people: the Pakistani government.

The money raised will be used to expand Malala-led schools across Pakistan, as well as to help women who have been raped.

Malala was a young girl when she was kidnapped in 2012 by the Taliban.

She has since campaigned for the rights of girls around the world, calling on her people to stop sexual violence and violence against women.

The fund will also be used for other projects like a new Malala Foundation school, Malala Scholarship Program, and the Malala Education Centre.

Fundraising goal The goal is to raise between $25 and $50 million.

“This fund is for Malala because her fight is not over,” said Endowment Foundation co-founder and managing director Ayesha Siddiqi.

“She is not finished.

There is more work to do and more work still to be done.

This is not the end of Malala.

She will be doing more work for many years to come.”

Malala Foundation and Endowment are a non-profit organization.

The Endowment is the group that is responsible for paying Malala for her work and the money will go to the Malasala Foundation, which is the foundation that will be established in her honor.

The Malasalas foundation is a non profit entity that was established in Malalas name in 2010 and was renamed in 2015.