What you need to know about the Ched Fund PPP funding scheme

A new scheme for PPP providers to help pay for the relief fund will come into effect on April 1.

It is part of a broader overhaul to the PPP industry introduced by the Howard Government in 2008.

PPPs were originally created to provide relief from unemployment and disability, but the Government decided to change the definition of the job to include people in the disability pensioner category.

The PPPs have been funded by the Government since 2008, but only eligible people can make payments.

Under the new scheme, those making payments through the scheme will be eligible for a payment based on the percentage of their income earned from the job, with payments based on income up to a maximum of $6,500.

However, the new PPP rules mean that payments will only be made if a person’s earnings are below $7,000.

“We’ve been very careful not to make any major changes to the definition and we want to make sure that people have access to the relief that they need,” Minister for Human Services Alan Tudge said.

Some PPP recipients will also receive a lump sum payment of $2,000, which can be used towards any other job related expenses.

Tudge said the scheme would be available to people who work in industries where they earn a salary of $40,000 or less, as well as people who earn a maximum $180,000 and are self-employed.

He said the Government was working to ensure that people in industries such as hospitality, retail, healthcare and the hospitality industry were able to receive the payments.

“We’re hoping that the scheme can assist people in those sectors and provide a good financial incentive for them to make a contribution,” he said.

“So we’re doing all we can to ensure people have that incentive.”

Tucker said the government would continue to support the community to provide PPP payments to help fund the relief scheme.

‘No change’ to the disability income guarantee schemeThe Government has said it was concerned about the impact of the new disability income support scheme, but was still looking at how best to implement it.

Mr Tudge has previously indicated that it would not be possible to implement the scheme as it was not yet implemented in the community.